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I own a 1971 Oyster Perpetual Datejust. With over 25 years in the aerospace and an ex Navy SEAL I appreciate owning and preserving my vintage Rolex. While I have had my watch serviced and repaired previously, Scotty did an outstanding job repairing and servicing my sentimental gem. I wish I had discovered Scotty a long time ago, however I plan to continue to give all of my watch maintenance and repair in the future to Rolex Doctor. Their prices are fair and the work is simply outstanding! Thanks again!
Date of Posting: 18 May 2017
Posted By: Roger Rudig
Merritt Island, FL
I would like to say how happy I am with this service. Last year I had two 1980's watches repaired with the Rolex Doctor. The results were great! However, one watch started running slow after several months. I called the good doctor and he said send it back and he would fix. Good to his word I got the watch back in a few weeks and it is great again. These people are great and do what they say. I highly recommend the Rolex Doctor.

Wayne Jones, Ph.D
Date of Posting: 05 January 2017
Posted By: Wayne Jones
Ph. D, Louisville Kentucky
"I had my Rolex two-tone Datejust repaired and serviced by The Rolex Doctor. It needed fairly extensive repairs. I am very satisfied. It looks brand new and runs perfectly. I highly recommend their services."
Date of Posting: 07 November 2016
Posted By: Larry Hull
Gainesville, FL
Scott did a fantastic job of restoring my 28 year old Rolex to better then new condition. I strongly recommend him for any Watch service needed.
Date of Posting: 26 October 2016
Posted By: Dennis Friedman
Business Executive, NY
Thank you so much for restoring my twenty year old Rolex to perfect working condition. It had been in a drawer for years and I was not sure it could even be repaired. Now it keeps perfect time and the new diamond bezel really gives it the right amount of 'bling' that I was looking for. It's lovely and I'm enjoying it every day.

I will not hesitate to send it back to you when it needs to be cleaned or repaired in the future.

Best wishes,

Ruth B.
Date of Posting: 14 August 2016
Posted By: Ruth B
Scott Harris overhauled and repaired a Rolex that had not been serviced for over 15 years. It has been worn every day of those years but had recently begun to need winding every day, even then it was still inaccurate, plus the winder would no longer stay screwed in.

We shipped it from California to Scott whose good work had made it new again, both in condition and looks.

Exceptional work at a fair price. Highly recommended.

Thanks Scott!

Peter Welch
Date of Posting: 17 July 2016
Posted By: Peter Welch
Retired, Red Bluff, CA
Aloha Jeffrey,

ATTENTION ROLEX OWNERS: I now agree with all the testimonials posted regarding the Rolex Doctor, Jeffery Harris. Don't go anywhere else, this is YOUR MAN! He does exactly what he says he will do, and more.

I have been to many watch repairmen on this planet, and they are all phonies. They did absolutely nothing and charged me a bundle.

This man and his staff are the BEST. My watch was in terrible shape and they restored it so it not only looks brand new, it functions perfectly.

If you have a Rolex in need of repair then do yourself a favor and send Jeffrey your watch, you will be thrilled with the results. My wife and I will be using the Rolex Doctor forever!

Michael Sumja

Kapaau Hawaii
Date of Posting: 30 April 2016
Posted By: Michael Sumja
Kapaau, HI
I found the Rolex Doctor on the web looking for an option to fix my 22 year old Rolex Submariner. I was initially drawn to the Rolex Doctor for the sheer number of references that he had on his site and the amount of time that the references went from. He had tons of people just like me who had found him on the web and through great experience had put a reference on the site.

I decide to inquire so I sent my info in via email to the web site. Within an hour, I received a call from Jeffrey to begin discussions (this was already very impressive as it was 9PM in Florida). I am in California so it was 6PM here. We spoke about my watch and the issues. From the get go I could tell that he had many years of experience with the Rolex line and had worked on many watches of the same type, age and issues. Also, the quick nature that I received a call showed me that he is on the ball and cares about customer service. I had sent out 2 request to other Rolex watch repair stores and I have still not received a call back. In addition, I did reach out to Rolex and they quoted me a ridiculous price without even seeing the watch.

Jeff gave me an estimate over the phone on our initial call and mentioned other potential costs that may come up once he received the watch and opened it up.

The next day, I had an email with shipping label from Jeffrey and I sent the watch off.

On the day that the watch landed, I received an email from UPS showing that it had been delivered and within an hour, I got a call from Jeffrey stating that he opened the watch and he discussed the issues and the repairs/costs to get it done. Once we agreed on the fix and price he let me know that it would take approx 4-6 weeks and he would call me when it is ready.

Not sure if this is an exception but 2 ½ weeks later I got a text with a picture of my watch (8PM PST/11PS EST) so he must be a guy who never stops working. The text said that the watch was done and to take a look at the picture to see how it looked.

I called Jeffrey the next day. We went through the repairs and he let me know all of the things that had been repaired and replaced.

2 Days later the watch showed up. UPS delivered as expected as Jeffrey had sent me the tracking info.

The watch looks Brand new!!!!!! Also when I called to Thank him for a job well done, he gave me a short lesson on proper ways to set and change settings on the watch so it would not get damaged in the future (things that I did not know).

All in all, this was a 10 and I would do it again and also would recommend any of my friends to the Rolex Doctor!!!


Dave A Holloway
WCT Pac Data Owner Partner
Aliso Viejo, CA
Date of Posting: 01 March 2016
Posted By: Dave A Holloway
WCT Pac Data Owner Partner, Aliso Viejo, CA
I was very skeptical about sending my Rolex to anyone on the Internet. After reading all of the testimonials that Jeffrey had received I decided to trust him with a watch I have worn every day for twenty-five years. Best decision I have ever made. The watch came back looking better than it did when it was new! He did an awesome job and the price was reasonable.

Thanks Jeffrey!

Dell Stewart Bailey
Deridder , LA
Date of Posting: 27 February 2016
Posted By: Dell Stewart Bailey
Deridder, LA
I sent Jeffrey my ladies Rolex Datejust. It just came back and I couldn't believe how beautiful it looks, and how fantastic it works. I've had it for 25 years, and can't remember it working that unbelievable before.

He is an honest gentlemen, and I would recommend his quality workmanship and business ethics to everyone. Next he will get my Tag, because he repairs all fine watches. I was very pleased.

yours truly,
Margaret Panko Pfleger
Date of Posting: 08 February 2016
Posted By: Margaret Panko Pfleger
Shoreline, WA

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Leonard Marshall Testimonial

Leonard Marshall

While playing professional football in New York, I developed quite a list of quality professionals. Many of those relations I maintain to date.

Upon relocating to Florida and being a "nut" for fine watches, I sought high and low to find a great watchman, to service my collection of Rolex and other fine watches.

While grocery shopping one day, I bump into a gentleman who sort of recognized me from my days as a "NY Giant"; he said "hey, aren't you #70" and I chuckled and replied I used to be that guy now I'm just Leonard.

Smiling; we exchanged some information. Over a 10 minute chat he began to tell me about his watch business and the services he offered. As it turned out it was probably the best 10 minute sales job turned success ever, for him and for me. Now I have what I consider to be the best watchmaker looking after all my fine watches, and he has me telling the world how great he is at what he does.

Jeffrey and his staff have serviced jewelry and watches for my family for 15 years now. He has become known as one of South Florida’s finest jewelers and watch enthusiasts. And with his new website, he is making his services available around the country.

My family and I love his work, swear by the service, and trust him implicitly with my prized possessions.

Thank you Rolex Doctor and your staff for all you do for The Marshall's!


Leonard A Marshall
New York Giants
3 time All NFL
3 time All Pro
NFL Defensive Lineman of the Year 1985-1986
Two Time Super Bowl Champion 1986-1990
Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame 2008
NFL Y2K Hall of Fame Nominee

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