Caring for your fine luxury watches

A fine watch with the proper care and servicing will last not only your lifetime, but for generations to come. There are indeed wristwatches of well known manufacturers, originally sold 80 – 100 years ago, that are still worn on a daily basis all over the world today.

Having invested in a fine watch it is, of course, essential that you look after it in the best possible manner.


Servicing – Like a car, a mechanical watch needs regular maintenance to operate correctly. Adjustments to timing settings, lubrication etc. ensure that the watch is not only “working” but keeping accurate time. Although manufacturer’s recommendations vary, usually every 3 – 5 years will suffice. As with a car, the watch may keep working if not regularly serviced, however excessive wear may occur inside the movement causing permanent damage.

Cleaning – Cleaning the dirt that will invariably build up in tucked away areas of the watch, ie under the lugs, between links of the bracelet etc. can be an arduous process and many people choose to take their watch to a jeweler to have it cleaned for them. If you choose to do it yourself there are a few things to be mindful of. First is to use substances that will not scratch of otherwise damage your watch. Different metals and crystals need different care. Stainless steel is pretty much bullet proof however of it is polished or has matte brushed effects on it etc, you will need to use a gentle cloth or cotton buds to clean scratchable surfaces. A soft bristled toothbrush and liquid soap does a good job, however cotton buds may be better on highly polished surfaces, or matt graining. For Gold and other precious metals it is certainly advisable to have the watch professionally cleaned, however it is possible to buy non abrasive polishes and cloths specifically made for this purpose.

Resizing your bracelet – It is always a good idea to have a qualified watchmaker or jeweler remove or replace links in a watch bracelet. While most bands are held together with simple screws or pushpins, some contain small sleeves or springs which can get extremely fiddly.

Battery changes - It is a wise idea to have your battery changed by a qualified watchmaker. If you go to a store and ask if they can change a battery in your high end watch, and they say "we can change most watch batteries". RUN!!! Though it may seem to you like a simple task; which it is provided the correct battery is being replaced by someone that knows what not to touch inside the watch casing.

Many smaller jewelers will not touch some of the more quality brands and you may have to go to a qualified watchmaker for any adjustments.

Today, there are many unscrupulous shops that will attempt a job they have no experience doing, causing major problems for you and your valuable timepiece.

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